Water Piping

Wattet Piping

  • Engine cooling piping
  • Turbocharger cooling piping
  • EV Cooling Piping


The water piping is used as a cooling water circulation circuit. There are stainless steel, iron and resin types.

More info

  • The stainless steel type can be used with a pipe plate thickness of 0.5 mm, so it is possible to reduce weight.
  • The resin type uses fluid-assisted molding to enable hollow molding, which cannot be done by conventional injection molding methods. In this method, component parts such as brackets and flanges can be molded together with the piping part, reducing the number of component parts and reducing weight.
  • Flange seals, O-ring seals, rubber hose seals, etc. can be used for various fastening methods.
  • It is possible to provide a branch pipe in the middle of the pipe.
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