Collective Piping

Collective piping


Collective piping is a product that integrates fuel piping, purge piping, brake piping, etc. that pass under the floor of the vehicle.

Each piping product is processed into a fitting shape that matches the connection partner of the terminal, bent, and assembled with resin clips. Sanoh Industry develops various types of bending machines. We select the processing method that is suitable for the product shape from among them, and it is possible to bend various shapes.

Fuel and purge piping used rubber hoses and hose bands to connect to the engine and fuel tank. Currently, we have replaced it with our own resin tubes and quick connectors to improve fuel permeation performance and help reduce weight. In addition, the resin tube is press-fitted into the metal tube and integrated, reducing transportation and assembly costs.

More info

  • The use of resin tubes and quick connectors reduces weight, improves assembly workability, and reduces costs.
  • We develop and manufacture metal tubes, resin tubes, and quick connectors in-house, and we can combine them for comprehensive development.
  • All equipment for collective piping is designed and manufactured in-house.
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